3 rods maximum per angler.

Absolutely no “live” fishing rods to be left unsupervised.

BARBLESS hooks only, preferably wide gap please.

No long shank or curved hook.

No braided hook links to be used; nylon or coated only.

No braided mainline; nylon/mono of a minimum 12lb only.

All leads must be able to free themselves; trimmed lead clips and drop off inline systems to be used.

Anti-tangle tubing, a minimum length of 18inches/460mm must be used.

No lead core or leaders.

Rig checks will be undertaken at any time, please don’t be offended, it’s all about the welfare of our fish.

Please never pull for a break if snagged or in a bush/ tree. Simply inform the bailiff - he will free it via his boat.


Fish Care

Absolutely no fish to be lifted out of the pool using a landing net, carp retainer slings must be use.

Antiseptic must be used on all hook holds and body sores where necessary please.

Please give the fish a few minutes rehab in the pool before weighing and photographing process.

Keep fish well-watered whilst out of pool.

Eden Pool will provide, carp retainer slings / unhooking mats, please do not bring your own into the fishery.

Only landing nets of 42”or larger may be used.



Bait boats are allowed.

No shelf life boilies, fresh or frozen only please [we provide a freezer for bait].

Sensible particle use only. Please don’t pile your leftovers in on the last night as this isn’t fair to incoming anglers. We will dispose of, for you, if you so wish.

Absolutely NO nuts may be used.